About us
nuWeb is an international information technologies company. We are engaged in Research and Development in the IT field, the creation of new multi-platform communication technology and new products. These are innovative solutions that are essentially blasting technologies, that will change the IT picture of the world.
Above these products, is our great working development team, product and project managers, business analysts and engineers. We get together the best of the best, are responsible for each element in the chain. We are not acceptable to freelancers and are not engaged in outsourcing - only a “pure” product that provides current and, we believe, future needs for the industry.
We believe that by working together with the nuWeb creative team, we will be able to organize secure, comprehensive access to information - in a broad sense - to make it accessible to everyone to the extent it needs. We give people the opportunity to manage content on their own and we see it as a deep meaning.The world of electronic communications keeps changing and demands new tools and approaches. We've come here to meet this demand and give you revolutionary ownership over your content and interactions.