Data Policy
  1. When does nuWeb collect my data?
  2. What data does nuWeb collect?
  3. What information should I receive when I provide my personal data?
  4. How does nuWeb collect my data?
  5. How does nuWeb use my data?
  6. When can I exercise my right to restriction of my personal data processing?
  7. Can I ask nuWeb to stop processing my personal data?
  8. Does nuWeb use cookies?
  9. Does nuWeb use beacons?
  10. My data is incorrect-can I correct it?
  11. How can I edit my information in nuWeb?
  12. How can I deactivate my account in nuWeb?
  13. Does nuWeb have processes and controls in place to detect, report and investigate data breaches?
  14. Is nuWeb able to report within 24 hours any detected data breaches that may relate to personal data?
  15. Can I ask nuWeb to delete my personal data?
  16. How can I see my data in nuWeb?
  17. Can I be a subject to automated individual decision-making, including profiling?
  18. Does nuWeb allow me to access all of my personal data?
  19. Is nuWeb able to fulfill / respond to a noncomplex subject request within 30 days of receipt?
  20. How does nuWeb protect my data?
  21. How is information about my religious beliefs, sexual orientation, health, political views protected?
  22. What happens if data I have shared is leaked?
  23. How long can nuWeb keep my data?
  24. What kind of notifications does nuWeb push me?
  25. What are the nuWeb's privacy considerations?
  26. How can I access my personal data held by nuWeb?
  27. Can I ask nuWeb to send me my personal data, so that I can use it somewhere else?
  28. Does nuWeb provide my data to any third-parties?
  29. What does nuWeb do if there is a legal request for information?
  30. Can children use nuWeb?
  31. Can personal data about children be collected?
  32. What does nuWeb do with harmful, illegal or inappropriate information?
  33. What happens if I follow a third-pary link?
  34. How will I learn if this Data Policy is altered?
  35. Who can I ask additional questions or objections regarding the data policy?
1.What data does nuMessage collect?
There are three categories of collected data:
a.Optional Data
Information that may be provided by the users but not compulsory for the system to work.
Such data includes:
  • Gender details,
  • Address details,
  • Phone numbers,
  • Date of birth,
  • Information about hobbies and interests,
  • Employment history,
  • Any text content you share,
  • Any files you you share,
  • Any locations you share,
  • Any images you share,
  • Relations between you and other nuWeb users,
  • Templates you create and/or use,
  • RoEs you create and/or use,
  • Avatars and cover photos,
  • Actions you perform with text, image or file content in nuWeb.
b.Mandatory Data
Information that must be provided by the users and is compulsory for the system to work.
These are:
  • E–mail address,
  • First name,
  • Last name,
  • Username.
c.Automatically Collected Data
Information collected by the system automatically. These are:
  • Operating system on the device that connects to nuMessage,
  • Location of each request,
  • Browser and version used for each request,
  • Time and location of each login.
2.How does nuMessage use my data?
In this perspective, nuMessage today is acting as a data–sharing system. We store the data and pass it around subject to your requests. We also use the collected data to improve our service quality.
The following statistics are gathered based on the data:
  • Response time for all requests,
  • Response time for location–based request.
In the nearest time we will also implement some user–based statistics, i.e.:
  • Amount of data created in terms of the data type and user,
  • Amount of content–related activities in terms of the activity type and user,
  • Connections between different users.
3.How can I delete my data in nuMessage?
You can delete your data from nuMessage at any moment. Once you have deleted the data, no one will be able to access it. In the nearest future we will also implement the Account Deactivation feature. Once the user has deactivated its account, all the information published by the user will be deleted. Also, we are now working at the Access Management functionality that will let you define precisely who can see your data.
4.How does nuMessage protect my data?
Data security is one of our top priorities. To secure your personal details and any other the data shared or automatically collected in nuMessage we use a secure server with strong access restrictions and regular firewall limitations.
5.How long can nuMessage keep my data?
We are ready and able to store your data in nuMessage for any unlimited time unless you decide to delete it.
6.Does nuMessage use any third–party content and/or integrations?
Does nuMessage use any third–party content and/or integrations?
  • Images and files users upload to nuMessage,
  • Static files for nuMessage frontend compiled source code.
7.Can nuMessage share my data with a third–party?
We in nuMessage highly respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third–party. Only other nuMessage users can see your information and only subject to your desire to share it.
8.What does nuMessage do with harmful, illegal or inappropriate information?
If some information is found to be harmful, illegal or inappropriate, it will be deleted. In case of a severe or repeated infringement the publisher may be blocked.
9.What does nuMessage do if there is a legal request for information?
Upon a valid court order or search warrant, we can access, save and share the information. We will notify the users affected about any such requests, unless this is prohibited by law or court order.
10.Can children use nuMessage?
No one under the age of 13 is allowed to use nuMessage and nuMessage services.
11.How will I learn if this Data Policy is altered?
Upon any changes in this Data Policy we will notify all our users with a dedicated e–mail and information on our landing page.
12.Who can I ask additional questions about the Data Policy?
If there is something else you would like to know or clarify about the data policy, please contact us at the following address:

nuWeb LLC

1255 Broad Street

Clifton, NJ 07013,

United States

This document was updated on May 25, 2018